Facilities and Equipment

Facilities include:

>      a fully-equipped darkroom and work area, with a 16mm Bell and Howell Model J contact printer, a Bell and Howell 35mm contact printer, a non-frame-registered contact printer that takes any width material up to about 12", a UV exposure unit for non-silver processes, a large sink, ample safelight, chemistry for B+W negative and reversal, tinting and toning, and color negative and positive, and many more processes than can be enumerated here;

>      separate editing cabin with beautiful views, which can be converted to another darkroom on demand, with light table, rewinds, moviescops, sync blocks, Rivas-style splicers with tape, optical and mag sound reader;

>      outdoor "classroom" tent for classes and discussions,

>      an outdoor theater area for evening screenings of selected films as well as participants' works-in-progress, with 8mm, super 8, 16mm, and an interlock system (with mag and multiple 16mm projectors).

Equipment includes:

>      Bolex cameras with 12-120mm Angenieux zoom and numerous primes, 2 Kodak Cine Special cameras with several prime lenses each, a sync Auricon 16mm camera with 12-120mm reflex zoom and TV shutter (capture film from video!) Senheiser shotgun mic, BeyerDynamic dynamic mics, VHS and mini-DV equipment.