The Camp takes place amidst aspen groves, ponderosa pine forests, and wildflowers in an idyllic setting located in the Rocky Mountains, 45 minutes  northwest of Boulder, Colorado, at an elevation of 8,200 feet.  A sense of peace and introspective re-connection with one's own creative and artistic vision prevails here.  The setting is conducive to an intense focus on the work at hand while providing immersion in the beauty of the natural world.  Participants are encouraged to investigate the foothills environment that we are situated in, where one can wander for miles in almost any direction through forests, meadows, and along streams.  There will also be numerous (optional) field trips to nearby trails and into the high country of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park, located just up the road.  The conditions in early August are ideal for exploring the high country, as the snow has melted enough to allow access, there is plenty of water in the lakes and streams, and the days are warm and sunny.

Classes, lab work, screenings and meals all take place at the Camp's solar-powered home base, which is located at 1124 Ridge Rd, Ward, Colorado, 80481.