The Handmade Film Institute currently has two resources that provide an on-line community for interested filmmakers (and others!). These are:

1) The Handmade Film Discussion Board, where you can post questions, answers, or thoughts about issues having to do with handmade photographic filmmaking.


2) The handmadefilm listserv, if you'd like to regularly participate in an on-line community via email. You can subscribe to the list by following this link:

The Handmade Film Institute strives to be a useful resource for those who wish to work hands-on with the celluloid medium, and it is hoped that these community forums will help serve that end.

Please note that it is expected that all postings will be relavent, not patently offensive, and of an intelligent and civilized nature. The Handmade Film Institute reserves the right to remove or restrict inappropriate postings or participants, but will exersise all reasonable restraint in so doing.