How this site works

This site is made up of research projects, which are listed on the Current Research Projects page. Anyone who is registered can become a researcher (see How to Participate).

Any registered member of this site is free to leave comments on any page. This is the preferred method of contributing to projects that you are not a member of, or to other parts of this site, for either registered participants or researchers.

Once you become a researcher, you are free to either join in on an existing research project, or start a new one. Please do so in one of these ways:

If you want to join an existing project, send a message to a member of that project, who should be identified on the main page of that project. After hearing back from the project member, just join in.

If you would like to start a new project, please contact the site manager, currently Robert Schaller, and describe your idea. Once you receive clearance, go ahead and put a link with the title of your project in double parentheses on the Current Research Projects page, and once you save it you'll see your title with a question mark beside it. Click on the question mark, and you'll be taken to what will be the main page of your project. You've begun, and can create as many pages as you need.

Please note that at present, once you are a member of the research team, you are actually able to edit anything almost anywhere. We are relying on the honor system for participant's following the above procedures. Please do your part to keep things open the way they are now!

It is asked that if you are not formally a member of a particular project but have something to say about it, please do not edit it! Rather, use the comments feature that exists on (for both registered users and researchers) on every page. If you want to be involved in a project, ask one of the projects researchers!

Please see the section How to structure research projects for guidelines on how to proceed, and consult the help menu for information on the syntax and language used by wiki pages (which these are).

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