Initial Test


These tests will be based on two standard formulas: D19 and D76. In particular, these tests will be based on the pH of these two venerable developers. According to an excellent discussion by Jeffery Soper (effreysoper.com/node/101), D-76 has a pH of about 8.5. D-19, meanwhile, has a pH of about 10.5 - 11 (Neither of these pH values is published by Kodak, and part of this test will involve measuring the pH of newly mixed developer). The formulas are:

High contrast film developer
Water, about 50°C 500 ml
Metol 2 g
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 90 g
Hydroquinone 8 g
Sodium Carbonate (monohydrate*) 52.5 g
Potassium Bromide 5 g
Water to make 1L

  • = 45 g Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous)

The model is 52.5g/l Sodium Cabonate

Film developer
Water, 125F/52C 750 ml
Metol 2 g
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 100 g
Hydroquinone 5 g
Borax (granular) 2 g
Cold water to make 1L

Based on these recipes, the following is proposed as a starting point:

ModelRed WineWashing SodaBoraxpH@20°C
D-19375ml19.7g -
D-76375ml - .75g