Dallas' run of an existing recipe

I was recently able to successfully develop one cartridge of Kodak Tri-X film using a variation of the coffee ascorbate / caffenol method. Instead of using a bucket as a processing tank I used a Lomo tank.

The developer mixture consisted of approximately the following materials per liter. I provide the approximate equivalent in milliliters :

  • washing soda - 54g (~100mL)
  • sodium ascorbate - 12g (~12mL)
  • instant coffee - 40g (~160mL)

I let this mixture cool to about 25 degrees C, and then processed for 7 minutes. I ran the film through a wash for 5 minutes, followed by a fixer for 7. After washing a second time, I dropped the film into a forma-flo solution (Photographer's Formulary version of Kodak's photo-flo).

Although I have yet to see the results projected, in holding the film to a lamp I verified that the developer did in fact reveal a clear negative image. I will attempt, in the coming days, to provide a sample of my results. Any future attempt would benefit from a more precise or reproducible approach, that is to say precision of weight measurement and temperature variation.