Developer Time/Temperature Calculator

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* The developer Temperature Coefficient is the factor by which developement time is multiplied if the temperature is increased 10F°/5.5555556C°. It is different for each developer, reflecting a particular developer's response to temperature. It is typically slightly less than 2.0, with the value 1.7 seeming to work for D-19 as a Reversal first developer (with 2g/l KSCN), and 1.8 given in the literature for D-76 and other "standard MQ developers," and 2.3 for "super fine-grain developers." (Jacobson, Developing, p.72).  A list of typical temperature coeficients is coming soon!

Celsius/Farenheit Converter

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Enter a temperature in either Celsius or Farenheit, and the equivalent in the other scale will be automatically displayed.


Time/Temperature Values for 7363 in D-19 + KSCN first developer (using a coeficient of 1.7)