Caffelime Reversal

This recipe was verified at the Bains Argentiques conference in Nantes, France in July 2016. It is unknown what the life and capacity of the bleach is; it may not be higher than a single use. It is also very dependant on the hydrogen peroxide being actually what it claims, which is difficult to acertain apart from trying it -- it always looks like water! The final concentration of peroxide given here, 5.5%, is between what doesn't work and (less) and what destroys the emulsion into a mass of bubbles (more). As it is, the image quality may be a little bubbly. Feel free to modify it, and let us know what you find! The "Minneapolis process" was as follows:

First DeveloperCaffenol-198:45@23.8C
Wash / Stopwater or stop bath2 min~20C
BleachHydrogen Peroxide-Lime15 min~20C*with lots of airating agitation
Washwater or stop bath1 - 2 min~20C
Second DeveloperCaffenol-19 or other active developer~5 min or to completion20-25C
Washrunning water5 min~20C

Hydrogen Peroxide - Lime Bleach

Hydrogen Perxoxide, 35%238 ml
juice of one lime(~48 ml)
room temperature water to 1.5 liters