The key here is that you need have only one set of solutions for BOTH processes, plus each developer.  The posting of actual formulas is in progress, and for things not yet entered here refer to Kodak's published formulas, available here as pdf documents:

ECN process

ECP process

Prebath PB-2 from process ECN-2 or ECP-2 (they're identical):

Prebath PB-2 (b) Fresh Solution (a) Replenisher
Water 27 to 38°C (80 to 100°F) 800 mL 800 mL
Borax (Decahydrated) (c) 20.0g 20.0g
Sodium Sulfate (Anhydrous) 100g 100g
Sodium Hydroxide 1.0g 1.0g
Water to make 1L 1L
pH at 25.0°C/77.0°F 9.25±0.10 9.25±0.10

a If a precipitate tends to form, add 1 mL/L of KODAK Anti-Calcium, No. 4.
b If biological growth becomes a problem, Proxel GXL may be added at 0.07 mL/L.
c Borax having 5 moles water of crystallization can be used at 15.0 g/L.

Developer SD-49 Modified from process ECN-2

ECN Developer SD-49mod. Fresh Solution Analytical Specs Replenisher Analytical Specs
Water @21-38°C(70-100°F) 850mL   850mL  
Anti-Calcium No.4 2.0 mL      
Sodium Sufite (anhydrous) 2.0g 1.8±0.2g/L


Potassium Bromide 1.39g 1.39±0.06g/L 0.93g 0.93±0.06g/L
Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous) 25.6g   25.0g  
Sodium Bicarbonate 2.7g   0.6g  
Developing agent CD4 4.0g 3.9±0.1g/L 5.5g 5.2±0.1g/L
Water to make 1L   1L  
pH at 25.0°C   10.25±0.05   10.32±0.05
Specific Gravity at 25.0°C   1.029±0.003   1.028±0.003
Total Alkalinity (5mL sample)   25.6±1.5mL   23.6±0.5mL

The difference between the mix levels and the analytical specifications for CD-4 and sodium sulfite are to compensate for aeration losses that occur during mixing and transfer of solution to the machine tank. The mix levels necessary to achieve the required analytical specifications will
vary with mixing equipment and solution transfer techniques.

Developer SD-50 from process ECP-2A (or B,C,D)

Stop SB-14 from either ECN or ECP (they're identical)

Ferricyanide Bleach SR-27 from process ECP-2A

Fixer F-35c from process ECP2-A (leave out the sulfuric acid)

These formulas are available as part of kodak publication H-24 at:


For bleach-bypassed film, add any standard hypoclearing agent (like Permawash).